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The Cold War

Declaring War

It Was Only The Beginning...
Declaring War
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Korean War
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       At the end of WWII an effort was made to try and find a way to maintain peace throughout the entire world, it was called the United Nations (UN). It began on April 25, 1945, in San Francisco with emissaries from fifty nations in order to write a charter for the organization.
       It was hoped that the UN would provide a forum for rational disscussion and means of furthering world peace. However, instead, it has become a sounding board for anti-American and Communist propaganda. The ability of any permanent member of the Security Council to veto an action caused extremely limited the UN's ability to act. Also it's inability to force any of its members to recognize its authority has also limited the UN's efforts.
       The UN's failure after the war is demonstrated by the animosity of the Super Powers, the struggle between the Nation of Democracy against the agressive Soviet Union. Presidential adviser Bernard Baruch, was the first to dub the period of tension and intense competition as the "cold war," which occasionally escalated into military conflict (i.e. a "hot war").
        Although the U.S. and the USSR fought the same enemy in WWII, they were never really on friendly terms. In fact, Roosevelt and Stalin even disagreed about when and where to hold the Second Front. However, what really began the Cold War was the realization that the Soviet Union wanted to spread its domination across the world and that they could be an even greater threat than Germany ever was. The battle of democracy versus communism had begun.