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The Cold War

It Was Only The Beginning...

It Was Only The Beginning...
Declaring War
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Korean War
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The Beginning...

       After the end of World War II, the world was in utter chaos. The Allies had emerged victorious but things were far from over. The Soviet Union was involved in the Second World War from the beginning and the United States joined the Allies a few days after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, mainly due to the fact that they were trying to remain neutral before.

          Though the two countries were working together to extinguish a common enemy relations were not very good, to say the least. The idealologies were so completely different that the counrties were not even remotely compatible. "The young United States was republican and democratic; Russia, on the other hand, was an old autocracy, hostile to democracy, xenophobic, and known for ruthless suppression of its numerous subjects," (1, pg.1).
           The term "war" was applied not because there was actual fighting but because of the determination of the Superpowers to be the first and the best at everything. The war generally took the form of diplomatic manuvers and espionage with the U.S., Soviet Union, and China as the main participants. The war technically began in the 1940's and continued into the 1990's, a war lasting for nearly 50 years!
        This took a toll on all countries and impacted the entire world.
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