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Two Paths

My most recent poem.

We walk two paths you and I
your's wide and easy
mine is narrow and hard.
Your road brings you present happiness,
mine brings present sorrow.
Your road leads to overall acceptance,
mine leads to loneliness except for fellow travelers.
So who's path is better?
If  you stumble on your path,
will others pick you up?
If your happiness disappears
will they comfort you with hope?
If you do something wrong,
will your companions still be with you?
Mine will.
So who's path is better?
My path is hard, sad, and lonely,
so what will I achieve?
Eternity in heaven.
Would you gain everything
and then have it burn into oblivion,
or earn it when the world is gone?
What is life compared to eternity,
just a fleeting thought,
but none the less it will determine the outcome
So tell me, who's path is better?

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