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If you are looking here then you are brave and willing to see the truth in what is happening in the war in Iraq.

To those of you who are not able to realize what these are pictures of the four soldiers who bodies were burned, battered, and mutilated. Bodies that can hardley be recognized as human. This horrific crimes were committed by inhuman animals.


This picture shows one of the bodies actually being burned and being consumed by the flames of the car.


Bodies of the soldiers were hung on bridges as "Trophies" for the Iraqis.



This solider's body was burned so badly that his body no longer has his legs below the knees attached.




One of the local Iraqis are actually beating one of the soldiers bodies with a shovel.


This is only part of the atrocities that our US soldiers face every day that they are in Iraq. They know what they are facing while we do not, so before you put down the soldiers in Iraq think about what they are dealing with, about the animals who are out for their very lives. I have heard interviews with various soldiers and even know a few who believe beyond shadow of a doubt that they are right in what they are fighting for. And I agree. They are fighting to keep more terroists out of our country and lives and I will support them in any way I can.